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If the status page is not available to unauthenticated users, you must set the username and password to allow ddclient to authenticate with the router.

tells ddclient to ignore any IP address on the status page you specified before a certain string, in this case 'IP Address'.

The one I am going to use is called ddclient, it's free and open source, and written in Perl.

Use this command to install ddclient: If you're not using namecheap, then this section will be different, but the concept is the same regardless of DNS provider.

I recently set up a backup server on an internet connection that has a dynamic IP address.

So far, I've been spoiled at home because my ISP (Plus Net) makes switching to a static IP address easy and cheap, so obviously I did that.

However, it doesn't work if your server is behind a router because the server only knows its Local Area Network (LAN) IP address.

Many tutorials don't explain what to do if your server is behind a router, but this one will.

They're not going to ban people for rebooting their servers every week, so running a weekly job is probably fine. Thanks for the comment :) Sam When running sudo ddclient -debug -verbose -noquiet I get the following at the bottom: DEBUG: get_ip: using ip, ip reports WARNING: unable to determine IP address Here is my /etc/# Configuration file for ddclient generated by debconf # # /etc/ssl=yes protocol=namecheap server=dynamicdns.login=password=mypassword mysubdomain Any ideas what I am doing wrong? I talked to Name Cheap and they advised I buy a SSL.

I've went through all the steps to install my .crt's and but still the same output. l had that package installed, installed ddclient, and my config looks good but it only connects to HTTP. ssl=yes protocol=namecheap use=web, web=dynamicdns.park-your-domain.com/getip server=dynamicdns.login=password='password' subdomain I'm Having the same problem.

Next, navigate to "All host records" add a DNS A record for your domain (use the @ symbol for this), or subdomain.

Use the dummy IP address for now, the first time we run ddclient this will be updated to your actual Wide Area Network (WAN) IP address.

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