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Choose General Your kid can now browse only these websites in Safari; all other websites on the internet are blocked.If you don’t agree with Apple’s choices and want to alter this list, you can tap Add a Website… You can also remove a site from the list by swiping left on the site and tapping Delete.To remove Restrictions entirely, tap the Disable Restrictions button at the top of the Restrictions window, and reenter your Restrictions passcode. It not only removes the Restrictions passcode, but it also loses all of the Restrictions settings you’ve specified, including deleting all of the websites you may have added under Allowed Content Websites (of which more in a moment).So only do this when you really do want to remove Restrictions on a semi-permanent basis.

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Restrictions let you do things like prevent your kid installing and deleting apps; disable in-app purchases; block websites; lock down privacy settings, and lots more.How can we make sure that they’re safe while they’re using them?For that matter, how can we make sure that our devices and data are safe from our little ones’ inquisitive tinkering?This is obviously safer than blocking sites, since you know that your child won’t be able to stray onto a new unsavoury website that isn’t in your block list.To set up a list of allowed websites, make sure Restrictions is turned on, and open the Settings app.

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