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Camars) was an ancient city in Italy, one of several found at the site.

The current municipality of Chiusi (Tuscany) partly overlaps this Roman walled city.

In 507 BC Rome's hostages and lands were restored, and peace between Rome and Porsena was cemented. In 508 BC, after the siege of Rome, Porsena split his forces and sent part of the Clusian army with his son Aruns to besiege the Latin city of Aricia.

The Clusians besieged Aricia; however the Aricians sent for assistance from the Latin League and from Cumae, and the Clusian army was defeated in battle Pliny the Elder wrote that a magnificent tomb was built for Porsena; a large mausoleum surrounded by cascades of pyramids over a labyrinth of underground chambers in which an intruder could get lost.

On the other hand, it is clear that the people of the region received a strong impetus from Greek colonies such as Cumae and from Greek immigration. In this theory, Etruscans from the coast or from the Aegean resettled and renamed an Umbrian city called Camars, which the exponents believe means "marshland" in Italic.

On enclosing the city with a wall they changed the name to "enclosure", using an Etruscanized form, Clevsin, of the perfect passive participle, clusus, of Latin cludere, "to close".

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The Clanis is part of the Tiber drainage system and was navigable by boat from there.

The divisions of time used in the fasti were based on the Roman calendar.

The yearly records of the fasti encouraged the writing of history in the form of chronological annales, "annals," which in turn influenced the development of Roman historiography.

About its life prior to that time, Livy only makes a brief statement that it was once called Camars. These urns are in the shape of wattle-and-daub huts with thatched roofs, presumably the homes of the deceased.

This style of architecture is so different from classical Etruscan that many Etruscologists have denied a continuity.

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