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Topics of her writing largely relate to her life and work in Alaska.

Subjects include: Anchorage,, Simon Olmer, William Johnson, Judge Anthony J.

JENSEN, Commander, ALASKA AIR COMMAND, Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska”; “C-130 ‘HERCULES’ AIRCRAFT of the Alaskan Air Command’s 17th Troop Carrier Sq.

She also worked as a features editor for the Anchorage Times.

Here’s Help.’—was the message Brought into Kodiak residents on the ship Coastal Monarch.

Caption: “Edward Mc Dermott, President Johnson’s personal emissary to the disaster areas, is met upon his arrival at Kodiak Naval Station by Rear Admiral Robert E.

Alaska’s skiing in characterized by powder snow at low altitudes, uncrowded slopes, and a wide variety of runs ranging from bunny hills to drops of the expert class.”Caption: “SLALOM COURSE is negotiated by young skier at Douglas Bowl near the Alaska capital city of Juneau.

Everett Harris, president of Anchorage Community Theatre.”Caption: “Muskox Herd at Nunivak Island have increased to 406 including 75 calves according to U.

Caption: “This giant buoy that once guided shipping into the mouth of Old Woman’s Bay or the harbor of the City of Kodiak now rests on the Station taxiway.

Postcard caption: “Before and after scenes of the March 27th Black Friday Earthquake which destroyed property and boats totalling over 25 million dollars.

This picture was taken on May 17, the day of the spring breakup.”Caption: “FOR LEASE—The Army Port of Whittier in South-Central Alaska is being advertised nationally for lease.

There are no lifts or tows into the area yet (the tows are installed and operating at Douglas Ski Bowl, also near Juneau) but ‘chopper’ flights provide a safe, fast means of ascent to the summit.”Caption: “HIGH ON THE MOUNTAINSIDE, overlooking the majestic Tanana Valley of Interior Alaska, a skier at Fairbanks’ Ullrhaven Ski Lodge pauses to enjoy the view.

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