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It can symbolically identify the intended contents (apples for cider, pears for perry) or actually name the wine or cordial.Alternatively it might detail ownership, as in the case of an armorial, or it could allude to some political, commemorative or ceremonial function such as a fashionable toast to a monarch, a reference to a local election or the launch of a ship.Beilby glasses moved into collecting prominence after the 1973 publication of James Rush's.The withdrawal from the market of two prominent collectors in this field (R. Hubbard and Chris Crabtree, who offloaded their Beilbys at auction between 20) has increased supply and taken out two big buyers.But demand remains strong even if prices are not rising as fast.Colour twist values have a pecking order based on the colours of the thread(s).

While never as plentiful as standard glasses, fashions in these micro classes have waxed and waned and the values have fluctuated with them.

Most famous are those alluding to a secret society, like the Jacobites who supported the claim of James II's Scottish descendants to the English throne.

By the late 18 century deep cutting rather than shallow engraving was beginning to take over on bowls, stems and feet as a favoured form of decoration, something that was to come into much fuller force with the Regency era of the next century before the dawn of Victorian decorative or 'fancy' glass with its many different forms of embellishment.

These glasses, along with the small ale glasses sometimes featuring decoratively shaped bowls on short feet, are still very affordable with a wide choice available often well under £100.

Buyers can expect to add a premium for a variation in bowl shape, like a pan top or the shorter cordial and narrower ratafia.

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