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This is a compilation of language communities, tools, and other online resources that'll help you get started.

Also don't forget these resources - 30 Language Tools For Firefox and Dictionary Toolbox: 50 Dictionary & Reference Sites Language Communities Chaula - Chaula is a pronunciation dictionary created by the community and a social network where you can help other people learn your language.

Lingoz - Online dictionary created by the community and providing a resource for language questions.

Live Mocha - Another language learning community where you can enroll for language lessons, and practicing conversing with text and chat tools with other community members.

x Lingo - x Lingo is a language exchange online community where you can find partners across the world to learn new languages.

Sites Offering Courses and Tools for Learning Multiple Languages 1-Language - Learn English with 1-Language's audio course.

Linguanaut - Phrases and alphabets of 49 languages.

Mango - Free language learning course with each course comprising of 100 lessons.

Language Guide - Language Guide offers sound integrated language learning tools in 11 languages developed by its volunteers.

Edu Find - Provides language learning tools, courses, materials, resources and news in more than 128 languages.

The site also lists language schools in various countries.

Tradu Wiki - A wiki where members and readers contribute to translate documents and texts.

You can submit your documents for translation in select languages.

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