Can introverts dating extroverts

If you do have social anxiety, research shows that people probably like you more than you think.)Introverts may be more immune to different kinds of social stress—specifically, the pressure to make an appearance at every event they're invited to, or the "fear of missing out" (also known as FOMO).They don't feel the need to always be "on" with other people, and may not be as insulted if they're not included in something."One strength of an introvert is the ability to somehow withstand some of those pressures to be engaged all the time," says Helgoe.When do you tend to feel the most energized: after a party with lots of friends and strangers, or after a day of solitude and quiet reflection?If you chose the latter, you may consider yourself an introvert—someone who feels easily exhausted by social interaction and feels most content being left alone.Even just the pace of conversation can be demanding and mentally draining, she adds."When I'm talking to extraverts, sometimes they're five thoughts ahead of me because I'm still processing the first thing they're talking about." Not all introverts hate big parties and networking events, but most tend to prefer smaller gatherings with close friends.This doesn't really answer anything- of course, if someone is thinking more, they are going to have more brain activity, at least in whatever area is associated with thinking. Over-analysis seems like a fear-based behavior: if you aren't worried about negative outcomes, you aren't going to be thinking so much.

But I also believe that overthinking can be an introvert’s superpower.

I looked for hidden clues in his words like a detective.

It’s not , many introverts told me that they struggle with overthinking.

I want to make sure that I’m not missing any facts, that I’ve considered all the possibilities, and that I’m making the absolute best decision possible with the information I have.

A few years ago, when I was dating, I remember talking to an extroverted friend about a guy I had gone on a few dates with. I imagined what our life together would be like in 20 years, what our children would be like, and our home, and my happiness. “You don’t have to figure everything out right now! If I was having fun, I should keep seeing him and not think too much about it, she advised. Like a massive connect-the-dots puzzle, it links everything to everything else.

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