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Lorrena Madrone contended that even though she thought Karah Madrone was becoming more controlling and she felt pressured into the ceremony, she went through with it because she knew it was not legally binding."(They) believed that, if one of them had a child, the other would not automatically be recognized as a legal parent," the appeals court wrote, in a summary of the case based on evidence presented from Lorrena Madrone. (They) agreed they did not want to seek a legal relationship, because they 'did not believe in such social constructs' and 'shared a common belief in freedom from marriage.'" In October 2005, they accepted jobs as managers of the Clifftop Inn in Oceanside.ORS 109.243 states that a child born from artificial insemination was legally the child of both the husband and the wife if the husband consented to the woman having the procedure.But in 2009, after a Portland-area couple who split brought their child custody dispute to the Oregon Court of Appeals, the court ruled that the law should apply to same-sex couples as well.Lorrena Madrone asserted that her partner was initially hesitant because of financial and time constraints given all the responsibilities they had at the inn.

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Only one agreed, so the couple also used the sperm of a friend. By the time Lorrena Madrone gave birth in January 2008, she later contended that she and her partner were nothing more than "roommates." Although Lorrena Madrone had the option, she said she didn't put Karah' Madrone's name on the baby's birth certificate because she never intended her to be the baby's parent.

The ruling could have reverberations for other lesbian couples across the state who have raised children together, then split.

Some history: From 1977 to 2009, an Oregon law pertaining to parental rights and artificial insemination applied only to married couples, in other words, husbands and wives.

And there wasn't enough evidence from a case presented before a Klamath County Circuit Court judge that the Madrones ever would have married if given the chance.

According to the appeals court summary of the case: The couple met in Oceanside in 2004, when Karah Madrone was 27 and Lorrena Madrone was 28. A little more than a year later, they bought rings and dresses, registered for gifts and held a commitment ceremony.

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