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But whether you're ready to delete your account or you never had one in the first place, there are plenty of dating apps that work without Facebook.Some prefer not to have a Facebook at all (myself included), while others have a profile, but would rather not drag mutual friends into the dating equation.From the overtly racist to the blindly ignorant, some Coachella attendees see festival fashion as the opportunity — knowingly or unknowingly — to demean cultures for Instagram likes.Bindis, feathered headpieces, dashikis, war paint: Coachella street style is mired in cultural appropriation. For South Asian women, bindis are a cultural symbol that represents the third eye, a sacred site of wisdom and spiritual development.

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But that doesn't mean anything to those Coachella attendees who don't respect other cultures.

When outlets cover the hairstyle as if it started with Kylie Jenner, it's not appreciation; it's erasure.

Those celebratory headlines are yet another reminder that black hairstyles are only acceptable when they're removed from actual black people.

Boy, you hungry, I want them hundreds, hundreds “No Flockin” finds Kodak Black bragging about the almighty dollar.

No matter who, where, when or what, he’ll always have money on his mind. After receiving a buzz for his previous songs, “SKRT” and “Skrilla,” this was the one that led him to be known nation-wide.

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