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“You snooze, you lose.” Marzano, 35, and Schipke, 30, are both outgoing, civically active and driven — and, as they quickly learned, they share plenty of mutual friends.They even once exchanged a few messages on the dating app Bumble.Without Uber’s carpool service, Uber POOL, introduced to Philadelphia in February 2016, Nick Marzano and Melissa Schipke would never have shared a ride last December during a heavy downpour, would never have started chatting — and would never be planning a 2018 wedding.“I’ve never met anybody that I connect with on so many different levels, and I credit Uber for that,” Marzano said.“We’re cracking jokes, figuring out all the connections we had.” “The standard flirting,” said Schipke.

An Uber driver was convicted of sexually assaulting a 24-year-old woman in 2015, in a ride from Center City to Norristown.

The safety of passengers and female drivers concerns Angela Vogel, an Uber driver, who thinks the company should do more to protect them.

Behind the wheel, she has faced everything from minor pests to extreme violations, like the man who tried, for a nearly half-hour ride, to determine how much money it would take for her to join him in his apartment.

Eli Jones, 22, of South Voorhees, once found himself sharing a late-night Uber ride with a woman he had hooked up with once and never called. But she was very quiet in the Uber,” he said outside the Uptown Beer Garden on a recent Wednesday evening.

He tried to strike up a conversation, angling for one more drunken liaison. Then, he asked a reporter if she wanted to join him for a drink.

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